Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Happy Halloween! I'm about to carve some pumpkins (nothing like waiting until the last minute!) and we are gearing up for some trick or treating tonight. I am very curious to see if Lila will actually go to any houses this year... we may end up just walking around the block wearing costumes, and that's okay! Lila had her school Halloween parade on Wednesday and she did great. She got up in front of the class to show off her costume without any resistance or tears - win! Once again, preschool is proving to be a very good thing. 

Alright, so on to my favorite links of the week!

Home as a haven for your children. Yes.

I am looking forward to visiting our local Rise of the Jack 'o' Lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens once the kids get a bit bigger.

9 Ways to Start Living a Simpler, More Intentional Life. These are good. Especially the single-tasking, not aiming for 24-7 productivity tips. I tend to always be doing ten million things and it is mentally exhausting.

The answer to the question. This is GOOD. 

Some good toddler lunch ideas here. I actually went to Trader Joe's after seeing this post and bought a bunch of freeze-dried fruit, since Lila usually picks it out of her cereal to eat and leaves the cereal!

"You Have to F*cking Eat". Haha - I need this book! Maybe a birthday present for Lila!

5 Things Moms Know to be True. This made me laugh out loud: "Cooking in and of itself can be quite pleasurable. Cooking for children is a little slice of hell served on a plate of dung." (Can you tell we are in food hell over here?!)

20 Quotes From Children's Books That Every Adult Should Know.

* * *

Hope you all have a fun night tonight! Stay safe!