Lila - Age 2, Week 47 | Long Island Children's Photographer

You had a great week at school! I am dropping you off every day now and you are having a blast with your teachers and classmates. It is so good to see you growing every day and having so much fun while you learn. I am already seeing so many benefits from you being in school and around other kids three times a week. It is so, so good for you. I won't lie though, I do love how your face lights up when you see me at pick up. Today you were proudly and happily showing me off to your teachers. "Mom! Mom!" you were saying to them urgently and with a big smile, pointing at me. 

We had a pretty low-key week -  lunches at Panera and trips to the playground and park. I started back at work and you were great at transitioning back to life with babysitters. On Sunday you went to the pumpkin patch with Nana and got a few little pumpkins for our porch.

I can't believe you are turning three in just a few short weeks! My big girl!