Our Week in Photos | Garden City, NY Family Photographer

We had a busy weekend celebrating Lila's 3rd birthday, which was Friday, so I completely failed to post a Round-up last week. More links for next week!

Today is the first Monday in about six weeks that I have not had to go into work for a rehearsal to put somebody new into the show - hurrah! Hopefully things at work remain relatively calm at least through the holidays. 

Tuesday was Veteran's Day, so Lila didn't have school. We decided to go to the playground instead. The colorful fall leaves are in full force here at the moment, and are just starting to drop off the trees. After some time on the playground, Lila had a blast playing in some piles of colorful leaves. I love the fall on the east coast.

I've been trying to make an effort to give Logan more "tummy time" so that he can work on his rolling skills. Poor second kid - he gets dragged around all over the place every day. I am trying to be better about honoring real nap times and giving him the time he needs to work on his development. 

My sweet boy in profile.

Morning chill time.

I'm currently taking a photography class called "Mastering Natural Light Indoors". It is perfect for these darker autumn days. I've been really noticing all the good light in our house.

Light and shadows in the kitchen:

Window light:

A silhouette, taken at work:

Friday was Lila's third birthday. She had school in the morning, and I was the participating mom! (We have to participate three times a semester). It was really fun to see Lila in her element. She has come so far since the first couple of weeks of school. She loves it so much.

These photos crack me up. The kids have to line up at the blue wall after outside play time so that they can all be counted (to make sure they are all there) and also to stomp the sand off their shoes. I feel like I can see the high schoolers that they will become in the two photos below.

After outside play time, they have snack. All the tables were pushed together for Lila's birthday. She wore a birthday crown and all the kids sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Her teacher had to light the candle on her cupcake three times because Lila kept blowing it out before the song was over :) They celebrated with mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa, holiday Oreos and raspberries.

Here Lila works very earnestly on a Thanksgiving craft.

Playing with toys in the "block room".

Playing "house".

After school we went out for lunch with Nana, Pops, Eric and Logan. After lunch Lila opened presents. She got a dress up box with lots of costumes from Nana. She loves it!

Shirtless, wearing a construction helmet. I have no idea.

On Friday night I converted the Keekaroo back to a high chair for Logan. He still needs some help in the form of rolled up t-shirts to support him, but he seems to like sitting in it.

We had a party with family on Saturday to celebrate Lila's birthday. After an initial meltdown when people started arriving, Lila had a great time. We were even able to sing "Happy Birthday" to her this year without her freaking out!

This bag of pom poms was the biggest hit of all her presents.

Enjoying a birthday cupcake.

And that was our week! This week I train a new babysitter and then next week is Thanksgiving - I can't believe the holidays are here already! The Christmas decorations are already up at Macy's Herald Square. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week!