Lila - Age 3, Week 1 | Long Island Children's Photographer

You are THREE! We celebrated your birthday at school on Friday with cupcakes. Your classmates sang to you and you blew out your candle three times before the song was even over (Mrs. Hoera kept re-lighting it). We went out to lunch with Nana and Pops and Dad and Logan and then you opened your presents. You love the dress up box that Nana got you - your favorite costumes are the construction worker and the princess. Sounds about right! On Saturday we had a birthday party for you at the house. You let us sing "happy birthday" to you this year! Your favorite gifts were a bag of pom poms for art projects (which you and Lucy and PR had fun throwing around the house) and some Melissa and Doug princess stickers. It was so fun celebrating with you this year since you understand what a birthday is now. I can't wait for Christmas! Welcome to your fourth year of life, my love!