Friday Round-up | NYC Photographer

Its a cold one out there today! I am thankful for a warm house and a steaming cup of coffee right now! Since I missed posting last week, I've got a whole mess of links to share today. Here we go!

Shooting advice from a photojournalist to a group of photojournalism students.

12 children's books with non-princess female protagonists. Also, best books for preschoolers.

On coming up with a title for your photograph.

I love lists.

Accepting our babies growing older.

Some ideas for finding precious "me" time.

These New York City photos are amazing - they look like paintings!

Tips on how to get your exposure just right.

Wow - I never thought that Cheerios could be so useful!

The ultimate blog planner!

The holidays are almost here! Best gifts for preschoolers and classic toys for kids at every age.

This stuffing looks kind of amazing, and it is made in the slow cooker! Um, and these sweet potatoes! Get in my belly, now!

We have a ton of pork chops in the freezer. I want to try this recipe.

I am really excited that the Holiday Spectacular at Jones Beach is back!

This nativity scene is gorgeous. I would love to get one for our house.

Some tips on how to photograph concerts with red lighting.

A really insightful and brave post about one mom's experience with her son's ADD.

An unbelievable stop motion film of NYC, made from 3454 oil paintings!

I love this jar of magical thinking!

A map for the best book of every state.

Rest in peace, Mike Nichols. What a brilliant man. I had the honor of working on "Spamalot" with him, and his note sessions were legendary. "Night after night, with every performance, try to get closer to The Truth. You will never get there. But try."

And we are finally closing the doors at Rock of Ages Broadway, so come and see us before January 18th!

* * *

Stay warm this weekend and have fun!

Closing night of the first national tour of Rock of Ages

Closing night of the first national tour of Rock of Ages