Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

Another week at Rock of Ages, another put-in rehearsal. This one for Chester See, who is currently playing Stacee Jaxx. We are in the midst of putting a whole slew of new folks into the show. One more put-in rehearsal next week, and I think we will be good until at least January. Whew.

This week we have all been fighting colds. Lots of snotty noses around here. I kept Lila home from school on Tuesday to rest so that she would be feeling okay for school on Wednesday, when her class had their Halloween parade! All the kids were so cute! Lila did so well - got up in front of the class to show her costume without resistance or tears - so awesome! The kids sang some Halloween songs for us and then walked around the playground so we could take photos. Adorable.

After the kids got out of costume, they resumed their normal playground time. Lila and two buddies started raking leaves with little mini rakes. It cracked me up - the concept is ingenious really. Maybe we should get Lila a rake for home and she can clean up all the leaves out front!

On Wednesday after school we decided to continue the Halloween fun and I took Lila and Logan over to Martin Viette nursery, where we picked up some more pumpkins. They have an awesome set-up there at Halloween, with two fields of pumpkins and a petting zoo.

Thursday we went and stocked up on some potential new foods for Lila at Trader Joe's (gah, this child needs to EAT), and then we went to the playground.

Friday was the big day! Halloween! Lila had school, then we went to lunch and the playground with Eric's mom, and then....trick-or-treating! Marge dressed up and walked around the block with Lila, taking her up to people's doors. The first couple of times Lila tried to run when people opened their doors, but once she realized she was getting treats at every house, she got into it. She started counting the houses and the treats. I was really proud of her!

Saturday was recovery and Sunday I worked all day. 

A few more photos of my cuties.

And that was our week!

Today when I picked Lila up from school, they were singing Thanksgiving songs. Its coming fast!

Enjoy the rest of your week!