Lila - Age 2, Week 51 | Long Island Children's Photography

One more week until three! You had such a good week. I kept you home from school on Tuesday because you were a bit under the weather with a cold, and I wanted you feeling good for your Halloween parade at school on Wednesday. You did so well the day of the parade! You got up in front of the class and showed everyone your costume, you sat with your classmates and sang Halloween songs for the parents, and you paraded around the playground with all your friends while us parents took photos of you. There is no way you would have done any of that three months ago. You have grown in so many ways since starting school and I am so proud of you! On Friday it was Halloween proper and you went trick-or-treating with Nana. You got a bit scared as the first few front doors opened, but once you caught on to the fact that you were being given candy at every door, your enthusiasm for trick-or-treating grew! You did really well visiting all the houses on our block. You looked adorable in your Curious Lila (aka Curious George) costume, and Logan was the perfect banana sidekick.

I am so looking forward to celebrating your birthday with you next week, sweet girl!