5 Months Old!

Well, you are five months old and you have two teeth, you little over-achiever! You shouldn't be allowed to get teeth before you are old enough to take ibuprofen. Its just not fair. You have had your share of teething pain over the last month. You are chewing on everything (including my boobs, which is not my favorite). You have started taking a fairly regular morning nap, and sometimes an afternoon one, too, but unfortunately your overnight sleep is still rough. One day you will let me sleep more than an hour at a time! You are getting too big for the Rock n Play, so once you are recovered from yet another cold you caught from your sister, we've got to get you to start sleeping in the Pack n Play, where you will have more room. Luckily you are doing well with the bottle-feeding. Thank goodness we are over that hump! I was afraid you were going to starve while I was at work! You are *thisclose* to rolling over and are also getting stronger at sitting up. You love your jumper and can spend quite a long time in it now. Sophie the Giraffe is your favorite chew toy. You are still such a happy, smiley little guy and everyone adores you, most especially us! We love you so much, buddy!