Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

This is what our week looked like...

Lots of floor time for this little guy.

He is chewing on things like a boss... there must be more teeth on the way.

This girl.

She is so much fun lately. Her language development is helping so much. Far fewer tantrums. And her motor and social skills have grown by leaps and bounds since starting school.

She is very good about playing independently now...with the occasional (okay, pretty frequent) cry of "Help! Mom!".

The light is fading by about 4:30pm now.

When its warm enough, we go to the playground.

And when its too cold out, we stay home.

Lila has been really into doing art projects lately. Her motor skills and attention span are so much better than they were last year. I'm excited about planning some projects for her this winter. Currently we love any of the project boxes from Alex Toys. At the moment, Lila is working her way through a box of projects that involve using a glue stick. Lots of fun!

We had Thanksgiving over at Eric's aunt Lorraine's house. It was a lot of fun and the food was DELICIOUS! Lila and Logan had a blast.

We have finally transitioned Logan from the Rock n Play to the Pack n Play in our room. It took a lot of doctoring of the Pack n Play - the top of the mattress is raised with a couple of folded towels, I rolled towels along the sides to make him feel more closed in, and he sleeps with the pillow we used to use in the stroller for head support. Its a lot of stuff, but it works. He was getting too big for the Rock n Play and was starting to actually rock himself out of it. Eventually he will move into a crib in Lila's room, but we have some work to do - both on the room, and on Logan's sleep, before that can happen.

Some more moments at home...

Lila is such a music lover. When we are not playing Pandora, she loves playing music on her iPod and singing along.

Logan is not a big fan of the tummy time. He is getting really good at sitting, but has not mastered rolling yet because he hates lying on the floor!

I was taking some photos in the basement on Friday for a class, and my camera took a tumble. Its pretty badly broken, which I am SO sad about. I'm taking it in to the repair shop later today, so fingers crossed that it can be fixed. In the meantime, I've pulled out my old Nikon d80, but man, the low light quality is just not good compared to my d800. You'll be seeing a lot of black and whites, I think, in the upcoming weeks - an attempt to mask the noise in the photos.

Yesterday I took Logan to Rock of Ages with me for the afternoon since we only had a matinee. Lila had an afternoon with her Nana. Everyone LOVED Logan. He was so good. He was totally mesmerized by all the lights - the chandeliers in the lobby, the stage lights, all of it. A lot of the crew brought their kids to work, too - all boys! I guess it was Bring Your Son To Work Day!

And that was our week! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Have a great week!