Lila - Age 3, Week 4 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Well, you had a little bout with the flu this week. Luckily for you that meant throwing up once (your first time!) and then being fine. Your dad and I weren't so lucky. It took a good four days or so for us to start feeling normal again. We have been doing so many arts and crafts projects at home, as part of our Advent calendar activities, and also just because you love doing them. Your word for project is "Magic!", which I LOVE. Other favorite Lila-isms right now are "hippucks" (hiccups) and "Oh kank you, mom!" (Oh thank you, mom). SO cute. Christmas is getting closer and I think it is going to be so much fun this year. You know all about presents and Santa and reindeer (which you say are ponies) and you are singing Christmas songs at school. Lately we have been Facetiming a lot with Granny and Pea and Lucy. Every couple of days you demand to talk to Granny. Well, okay then! I am loving hearing your little voice as you acquire more and more words. Its so much fun hearing you chatter and sing. Three is already such a great age!