Logan - Week 26 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Here is Logan's twenty-sixth week!

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My sweet little boy, you are now six months old! Every day with you has been pure sunshine. Your smile lights up a room. This week you came to work with me and charmed the pants off everyone. Some of the girls wanted to take you home with them. I had the flu this week so spent a lot of time resting and napping. You were my nap buddy. Overnight we have settled into a routine of you starting the night in your Pack n Play and then coming to our bed around midnight or one and sleeping the rest of the night with us. Its probably not a great habit to get into, but in our bed, you sleep through until 6 or 7 in the morning, in the Pack n Play you wake up every 1.5 to 2 hours. I'm choosing sleep at this point. Plus I love my Logan cuddles. We gave you some solid food for the first time this week - oatmeal. You were not a fan. I think we'll just skip cereal and move on to fruits and veggies instead. You rolled over twice for Nana on Sunday - now you just have to do it for us, too! You are sitting up pretty well now and grabbing and chewing on all your toys. You like playing with the music table and are getting really good at jumping around in your jumper. You are growing so fast, Logan. We love you so!