Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

Another ordinary week, with nothing too exciting to report! 

This little guy is getting better and better at sitting up. Its nice to be able to give him some toys and have him occupy himself for a short time.

Of course the sibling squabbles over toys are already starting. Lila is obsessed with Logan's baby toys.

Such a happy little guy. We are so lucky that he's ours!

We've been having fun with our Advent calendar activities - lots of Christmas crafting!

Logan had his six month well check on Thursday. He is tall and lean (92nd percentile for height, 44th for length). The pediatrician was impressed with his sitting skills, but wants us to give him more tummy time so that he can work on rolling and upper body strength. Logan is not a fan of tummy time.

I took this in the nursing room right after Logan had his shots - three, and he only cried at the last one! I love that our pediatrician's office has a nursing room - its filled with rocking chairs and nursing pillows and you can stay as long as you want. Even if you don't have an appointment - if you are in the neighborhood and need a place to nurse, you can stop in and use the room. So nice.

On Wednesday I worked in Lila's classroom in the morning while Logan had some Nana time. I made some cute snacks for the class - they loved them! (thank you, Pinterest!).

After school we went to Panera with Nana and then went over to Eric's parents house to visit Eric's dog, Riley. Lila brought a Santa hat home with her. She won't take it off. She even sleeps in it.

I'm pretty sure there is some actress in her.

Bath time is fun time.

More tummy time action.

An attempt at a six month photo. I was seriously missing my good camera. Logan looks adorable but the light was not good.

We've been working on food this week. Logan has had pears and sweet potatoes. He liked the sweet potatoes best. I also gave him a cup of water, which he had no idea what to do with. He enjoyed chewing on the straw.

Brother and sister.

Reading books. Her Curious George anthologies are her current favorites.

A chilly day at the playground.

A bright winter day.

I got my camera back on Thursday. I missed it so! A few shots taken on the way to work that night.

And a few shots from the office...

And that was basically the week! We are off to get our Christmas tree today...pics to come!

Happy Monday everyone!