Friday Round-up | Long Island Photographer

Can you believe Christmas is next week?? The days are just racing by. I have shopping to do! We put our tree up the other day and made Christmas cookies. Christmas cards are in the mail, and I'm hoping to finish up shopping today so that we can slow down and enjoy the next few weeks of holidays. I started Xanthe Berkeley's year-long time capsule class this week, so I'm hoping to capture some of our Christmas festivities on video and turn them into a little film. Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite things I read on the web this week...

Have you updated Instagram? New filters!

Dry itchy skin is the WORST. I get bouts of eczema when the seasons change. Here are some suggestions for treating it.

I just recently bought a calibrating tool and calibrated my monitor. Here is some information all about calibration and color space. Color management kind of does my head in - so hard to wrap my brain around it!

Continuing on with last week's post about Fuji cameras, here is a buyer's guide to Fuji lenses

Some tips for photographing in snow.

Looking for ideas for a good homemade gift? How about a sugar scrub?

This post about making Christmas cookies with kids made me laugh because I HAVE SO BEEN THERE. This past Wednesday, in fact! As I said on Instagram, Lila is a product baker, not a process baker. EATCOOKIENOW.

I have always wanted to do one of these long walks

I really, really, really wish I had more time in my life to read books, because I love it so. I failed hard on my goal to read 12 books this year (just as I did last year), which is so depressing to me. If I had the time though, I would totally subscribe to Oyster - it's like Netflix for books!

One of my goals for 2015 is to get fit. I am so buying one of Elise's motivational calendars!

Favorite Jane Austen movie adaptations.

I have only used iMovie so far to make films, but I am interested in listening to this podcast episode about Final Cut Pro for photographers.

We have yet to see any snow around this parts but when we do, here is a list of the best places for sledding on Long Island.

Some ideas for holiday crafts for kids and also how to make easy salt dough handprint ornaments.

This photos are stunning - winners of the National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest.

Some tips for getting in the photo too.

These tips for high ISO color photography are great!

27 Life Changing Books Every Woman Should Read - I need to add some of these to my Amazon wish list.

* * *

Have a great weekend, everyone!