Our Week in Photos | Garden City Family Photographer

We ventured out on Monday to get our Christmas tree. The one we came home is a beauty. Its pretty big for our living room, but it looks great with all the decorations on it. Lila helped me decorate the tree on Wednesday - she was a great helper!

Little Logan has had a cold this week. Runny nose and cough. And then I looked in his mouth two days ago and I saw two teeth popping through his top gum! Poor kid!

We made Christmas cookies this week as part of our Advent calendar activities. Lila was a little impatient with the process, but ultimately it was a good experience. And the cookies we baked are delicious!

Poor teething buddy.

They like to play in our bed in the mornings.

Eating lunch and playing with her LeapPad. The LeapPad is a blessing and a curse. I think we may need to start imposing some screen time limits in the new year. 

Chomping on an icy teether.

Logan really enjoys sitting and playing with toys now. And I actually saw him roll over once this week!

Lila likes to touch all the ornaments.

Sweet girl.

A few minutes of couch time with Dad.

Lila made this little candle jar at school. I love it!

Just hanging out.

Attacking sister's butt.

I have no idea what Lila was doing here. 


Making Christmas cards for her teachers.

She is obsessed with this Santa hat. Even wears it to bed.

These cheeks are so kissable.

"Mom, take a picture of me eating a cracker by the tree."

And that was our week!

Merry Christmas, everyone!