Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

Christmas week was a little nutty. We had fun, but it can all be a bit overwhelming for little kids. For grown-ups, too, really. I think Lila was happy to get back to her normal routine at the end of the week. Her normal routine with lots of new toys!

This little nugget has two fully broken through top teeth. Amazing.

Facetiming with Lucy on Tuesday. They both ate cookies together over the computer :)

On Christmas eve we drove out to Westchester to have dinner with Eric's aunt and her family. Traffic kinda sucked.

Lila was a bit timid at first, but she soon warmed up.

Happy little elf.

It was a fun night complete with great food and company. There was even an ugly Christmas shirt contest!

We had a little visit from Lila Claus.

Midway through the evening, Lila decided she was tired and she camped out in Eric's cousin Zach's room with her LeapPad.

Ugly t-shirts!

Logan flirting with the ladies.

We walked over to the neighbor's house to check out their crazy light display.

The night ended with a pom pom fight, using pom poms from Lila's new art supply kit. She thought it was hilarious.

We got home late and everyone slept in the next day. We opened presents and then Eric's parents came over for brunch.

Logan LOVES his new work bench.

Lila's train conductor outfit was a hit!

I had to work on Christmas night...which is when this happened. My coworker, Andre performed his yearly rendition of "Old Fashioned Christmas". Always a treat :)

Now that Logan is feeling better, we've started working on food again. He is enjoying sweet potatoes and bananas.

Lila likes her new bath toys.

On Saturday we got out of the house for a bit and went to the playground. It was nice to get some fresh air.

And that was our week.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!