Advent Calendar | Long Island Family Photographer

Okay, so we are a bit late getting started here. I began planning activities for this year's advent calendar last winter. A few of my friends were doing them with their kids and I was excited to do one with Lila, but last year she was too young to get it. This year is the perfect year to start. And then of course December snuck up on me and I hadn't gotten the calendar together yet, so here we are starting on December 3rd. Ah well.

I ordered a calendar from Pottery Barn Kids - it came today!

Each pocket contains a hershey kiss and a slip of paper with the activity for the day. This is what I have planned:

Dec. 3: Go to Hicks Nursery to see the reindeer.
Dec. 4: Make a Cheerios bird feeder.
Dec. 5: Listen to Christmas music.
Dec. 6: Make a paper plate snowman.
Dec. 7: Make hot cocoa and marshmallows.
Dec. 8: Watch "The Grinch".
Dec. 9: Make paper bag reindeer.
Dec. 10: Watch "Rudolph".
Dec. 11: Make a paper garland.
Dec. 12: Go out for ice cream.
Dec 13: Go to the train show at the Botanical Garden (this date may change)
Dec. 14: Make a paper wreath.
Dec. 15: Make ornaments from popsicle sticks.
Dec. 16: Go to Holiday Light Spectacular at Jones Beach (this date may change)
Dec. 17: Make Christmas cookies.
Dec. 18: Make Christmas treats for teachers.
Dec. 19: Make cards for teachers.
Dec. 20: Lila and Mom date. (this date may change)
Dec. 21: Dot sticker Christmas tree craft project.
Dec. 22: Make felt Christmas trees.
Dec. 23: Facetime with Granny and Lucy. (this date may change)
Dec. 24: Read the Nativity story.

There is a pocket for the 25th, but isn't that one a given? "Open presents, stuff your face and hang out with family." Am I right?

Today we did our first activity: we went to Hicks to see the reindeer. It was dreary and raining, but that happens to be a good time to visit Hicks because they have really excellent puddles.

I think Lila had fun. It was good to get out of the house even if the weather was not great. We saw Santa but I don't think there is a chance in hell we are going to get Santa pictures this year. Maybe of Logan, but not Lila. I kind of can't blame her though. Fake Santas are kinda scary.

I don't think I'll be blogging every single Advent activity we do (I mean, do we really need a whole blog post about watching "The Grinch"? No.), but I will definitely post about some of the highlights. I am excited to see how Lila likes all of our activities - this will definitely brighten up December!