Logan - Week 25 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Here is Logan's twenty-fifth week!

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Logan, you have officially moved from the Rock n Play to the Pack n Play for sleeping. Now if we could only get you to stay asleep for longer than an hour and a half at a time! Mom is tired! Naps are kind of hit or miss these days too. I know sleep will come eventually, but it would be nice if it were sooner rather than later :) We had to rig the Pack n Play with all sorts of towels to make it cozy like the Rock n Play, but it seems to have worked. You are definitely tolerating it, which is good, because you have much more room. Your sitting is getting SO good! You sat up at Aunt Lorraine's on Thanksgiving for so long! She has nice plush carpet, which is good for little boys who are learning how to sit. You continue to be such a happy little guy - you are such a joy to us!