Our Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

This was basically the week we lost to the flu. Lila threw up on Tuesday after school - the first time ever! I know, crazy right? We made it over three years with no throw up! I thought she just ate too much lunch or something, because she was fine immediately afterward, had no other symptoms. But then I got sick on Thursday and spent all day in bed, and on Friday, Eric was down for the count. I think we are all finally in the clear now, though!

So here are a few photos from our week...

Lila made a cookie over the weekend at the holiday celebration at the Cradle of Aviation. She was very proud of it.

Lila is loving her books lately.

I love these two.

I love watching their sibling relationship grow.

Logan's sitting skills are getting good. I have yet to see him roll over, but he's done it for his Nana a few times.

A futile attempt to take Christmas card photos. I gave up.

This kid. Chewing on everything.


Such a sweet nugget.

Lila, milking the sick thing. This was the day after, when she was FINE.

Mid-week break at Hicks, getting our holiday spirit on.

We've been enjoying our Advent calendar activities. Here are some Cheerio's bird feeders that we made. They were eaten by squirrels.

Making a paper plate snowman.

Grumpy princess.

"Take a picture of me, mom."

Logan makes me smile so big.

And finally, "take a picture of my foot, mom."

Well, okay then.

And that was our week! When we weren't laying around being sad, pathetic sacks, that is.

Happy Monday, everyone!