Lila - Age 2, Week 13 | Long Island Family Photographer


The terrible twos reared their head with a vengeance this week! It didn't help that you had a bit of a cold and cough and that I suspect your two-year molars are coming in, or that it snowed AGAIN so that we were stuck inside, but oh boy - those tantrums sure are ramping up! I'm reading some stuff about toddler behavior and discipline to see what the best way to navigate this time would be for all of us. I know you are frustrated because you still have some trouble communicating, and we are not understanding all your needs and wants. And I get frustrated because you are still so little and don't understand a lot of reason yet. The words "you have to wait a minute because xyz" still don't make a lot of sense to you. We'll figure it out - that's all part of this fun ride of growing up, right? On the plus side, you are learning new words every day, you love singing and dancing and music. You have started singing along with songs on your DVDs - hearing you singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is so cute. You also have a lot of the words memorized on your Sesame Street DVDs and you stand up and act out all the scenes - its hilarious! You also love doing the hokey pokey!