Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Another day, more snow. At least its bright and sunny today. I am looking at the sunshine bouncing off our bookshelves and trying to forget about all the snow that is just outside. Its working...sort of. At least its working for a few minutes before I get bundled up and go and dig out my car! 

But first - a few links!

Homemade kit kat bars  - these look yummy AND easy!

I want to try these oatmeal muffins.

I love this Secret Note Monkey!

This looks like a delicious pancake recipe!

Do you think boy/girl shared rooms are a problem? Our kids will definitely be sharing for a while. The original NY Times piece that sparked this debate.

34 Gift Ideas for the New Mama - some good ideas here.

Another good post about keeping indoor plants alive!

Stock photos that hope to change the way we view women. Love these.

This is a good survival guide for breastfeeding.

I wish I could see the concert reunion of the original Titanic cast - the rehearsal footage is fantastic. They don't write musicals like this anymore. Epic.

March 20th is World Theater for Children and Young People Day. Take a child to see some theater - how it can save the world!

Check out this awesome video footage of Rock of Ages (my show!) at the Super Bowl last week!

10 Things I Said My Children Would Never Do. Hahahaha! Think again!

25 Historical Images That Normalize Breastfeeding. I LOVE the shot of the mom and baby on Sesame Street!

My two-year-old is an avid thumbsucker. This article made me feel better about waiting it out a bit to see if she grows out of the habit.

This one is appropriate for Valentine's Day! Infographic Reveals the Secrets of the Happiest Couples. Interesting!

End Mealtime Battles Forever With These Five Simple Words.

Some good tips for conserving your iPhone battery!

* * *

Enjoy your Valentine's Day! I'll leave you with a photo of us from last summer at Lake Tahoe... oh I would kill to be back there right now!