Lila - Age 2, Week 14 | Long Island Children's Photographer


We had a busy week! On Monday we had music class, which you are thoroughly enjoying these days. You love running around the room and making faces in the mirrors. Miss Darlene brought animal hats for all the kids this week and you would not take your duck hat off the whole class. She let you take it home with you! On Tuesday we went to Astoria and had lunch with my friends Lyn and Chris and their baby Dylan. You were a little suspicious of the baby at first, but then you warmed up and started bringing him toys. You were very good over at their apartment. You were very friendly and had a great time! On Wednesday we went to your cousin Lucy's house for a playdate. You are both starting to interact with each other more, rather than just play side by side, which is fun to watch. You loved all of Lucy's necklaces and bracelets and carried one of her purses around for at least an hour! We had another big snowstorm on Thursday and then you spent most of the weekend with your Nana while I worked. 

This week you started asking for (and signing) for help when you need it, rather than yelling first and me having to prompt you to say "help". Such a cool (and helpful!) development! I've started to try and write down all your words. You have so many more than I even knew. You handed me a plastic egg over at Lucy's and said "egg". I didn't even know you knew that word! You also really comprehend more than I thought you did. I told you a crayon wrapper was garbage and you should throw it away, and you went straight over to the kitchen trash can and threw it in. I don't think I've ever asked you to throw something away before, so I was amazed that you knew what I was talking about!

You're back to your early waking ways - usually between 6 and 6:30am most days. Its kind of a bummer for me. Those later mornings were nice while they lasted! You've been having some bad dreams lately too so spending about one night a week in our bed, which doesn't result in much sleep for anyone, but the cuddles are nice.

We love you, sweet girl!