This Week in Photos | NYC Family Photographer

We actually had a really busy week despite the ongoing crap weather. I took very few photos with my camera though, I mostly just used my phone. When its so cold outside, I can't bear to have my hands out, holding a camera. Grabbing my phone from my pocket is about all I can handle. We also did a couple of really fun things this week that I didn't photograph at all. Sometimes its nice to not document EVERYTHING, to just to let yourself experience the moment. 

On Monday Lila had music class. So many of her classes have been canceled this winter because of snow - it was nice to finally get back to it. She loves her music classes. This week her teacher brought in some animal hats. Lila, of course, wore her duck hat the entire class. Girl loves hats. Her teacher let her keep it at the end of class! So naturally she wore it to lunch as well.


I finally put all 365 daily photos of Lila from her first year into a book. It was a huge project and expensive to put together, but I love the finished product. It is such a treasure. I had convinced myself that I was going to do a 52 week project of our baby boy rather than another 365, but after seeing Lila's book, I think I have to do a 365 project of him, as well. Its just so amazing to have.


I finished a sweater for our little dude! I made it 6-9 mos size since he will be born in June and probably not doing much sweater-wearing over the summer. Its a Laura Chau pattern that I bought in a kit at Rhinebeck.


On Tuesday Lila and I went to Queens to have lunch with my friends Chris and Lyn and their baby boy, Dylan. Lila was so good and we had a great time! She was a little bit suspicious of Dylan at first but then ended up bringing over some toys and offering them to him. It was really cute. Lyn gave me a ton of hand-me-downs for our little dude, which is so helpful - I think we are set on newborn clothes now!

On Wednesday we went over to Lila's cousin Lucy's house for a playdate. The girls had a good time. They are starting to play more together rather than just parallel play. Lila was excited by all the new-to-her toys, and especially loved all of Lucy's costume jewelry. She also carried around one of Lucy's purses for probably an hour!

On Thursday it snowed AGAIN. We have over 2 feet of snow outside now altogether. I've never seen so much accumulated snow in a place that isn't a mountain town. Its unbelievable. 


The trains were all messed up on Thursday and I seriously considered staying home from work, until I got the news that we had TEN understudies on that night (out of 15 roles). I just couldn't bear to contribute to that madness, so I left an hour earlier than usual and made it into the city despite the snow.


Friday was Valentine's Day. Eric and I both unfortunately had to work all day. He got me some beautiful roses though! 

And surprise, surprise. It snowed again.


I had understudy rehearsal all afternoon Friday.


I went out to dinner with one of the other stage managers between rehearsal and the show. Don Giovanni on 44th Street. So good!


A Valentine sent via snail mail from one of my oldest friends. I love good mail! Thanks Fin!


And now for some random photos taken throughout the week...

Last week's Project Life spread:


Taking a minute to sit and stare into space during Lila's nap. My tired levels are starting to rise as I head toward third trimester with a crazy toddler and nighttime job. 24 weeks is when I came home from tour last time I was pregnant and started working part time. I don't have that luxury this time around.


Much needed coffee. We're having more sleep troubles with Lila. Nightmares or night fears. She can't articulate what is going on, but she wakes suddenly, in hysterics. Its been exhausting. And not as clear cut to deal with as other sleep troubles. 


Her outfit one morning:


The artist at work.


Playing with her LeapPad. I love her outfit.


The sunshine streaming into our bedroom one morning looked so warm. If I didn't look out the window and see all the snow, I could pretend for a few minutes that it was summer.


Toddler meal prep for the day.


One of Lila's favorite activities is to identify each of her magnet letters and then chuck them on the kitchen floor. There is always a pile of letters to step over.


On the train into the city. Lately I've been finishing the third season of The Wire during my rides, while knitting a blanket for our little dude.


And finally, a glimpse of the sunset on the way to work. So pretty.


And that was our week. Hope you all enjoyed yours!