Lila - Age 2, Week 15 | Long Island Children's Photographer


It was another winter week. Lots of inside time. We did get out for a walk later in the week when the temps rose into the 40's. That was nice. There is still a ton of snow on the ground, so pushing the stroller took some work, but it was worth it. Fresh air! No music class this week due to school spring break, but we went out to lunch on Monday anyway and stopped by Buy Buy Baby to look at the double strollers again. You ran off some steam in the store, exploring all the aisles, and even got into some of the strollers so we could try them out. You've been having some sleep issues the past week or so. It seems like nightmares - you wake up suddenly, screaming. You've been coming to our bed and one night I spent the night on your floor. I hope these dreams pass soon because none of us are getting much rest. I'm reading lots of books about toddler discipline right now, too. I know its a frustrating time because your speech is still developing, and we have been shut in the darn house for too long this winter, but your tantrums are ramping up and we've got to find a good solution for helping you through them. Hopefully something clicks for us soon! Your current favorite things to do: dance, sing, play with your LeapPad, Play Doh, playing chase, naming all your letters and counting everything.