Lila - Age 2, Week 12 | Long Island Children's Photographer


It was a busy week. You had such a good time at music class on Monday. You are really starting to come out of your shell and enjoy yourself at class. You danced a lot, ran around, made funny faces in the mirror and laughed. You even interacted with a few of the kids - it was one of the first times I really saw you playing WITH other kids rather than just playing alongside them. It was awesome. On Wednesday we went to the Long Island Children's Museum and stayed for a couple of hours - you did not want to leave! Your favorite parts are the music and sound rooms, the bubble area and the blocks. While we were waiting for the museum to open, we went to Starbucks for some snacks. We sat by the bathroom and you were very interested in telling me every time someone went in to "go pee pee". You are very interested in the potty and all things related - except actually sitting on the potty yourself! You woke up on Friday with a temperature - Nana spent the whole day with you while I was at work. She said you were not yourself. The next day you were doing much better, though. You spent Saturday with Nana as well. On Sunday I was home with you and we went out for a walk and played a bit in the backyard because it was 45 degrees! So warm after all the freezing days! You are growing taller and taller every day and learning new things all the time. Two things you started doing this week, which i have no idea where you learned them, is saying "Cheese!" whenever I pull out the camera, and also pretending to birth all your baby dolls....where on earth did you learn these things?? You crack us up, Lila. We love you!