Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

Oh, this weather! It never ends! I am a fan of winter, having grown up in a place where the seasons didn't change much, but oh, we are so tired of being trapped in the house! This week didn't just bring more snow, but ice - so treacherous to try and get around in. We are trying to stay busy inside, but the tantrums have been ramping up as of late. Lila and I are both so stir crazy. Looking forward to warmer weather and outside time.

I have a ton of links to share this week - seems like a lot of people must have been shut inside this past week, because tons of good stuff on the internet! Plus I had time to read a lot of it :)

A simple but life-changing indoor plant tip. One day I will have houseplants that I don't kill, but I think it will have to wait until my kids are not so small and into everything!

I love this DIY concrete countertop.

I really love the simple clean aesthetic of these Project Life albums

Shoe Maintenance 101. Good info!

Style as self-care. Agree. I always feel better when I am happy and comfortable with how I look.

Some previously unseen photos of the Beatles' first trip to the U.S. 

Chocolate and red wine biscuit donuts. WHUT?

This Paddington Bear line for Baby Gap is adorable!

This week a number of awesome ladies around the web wrote about what it means to be getting older in celebration of blogger Susannah Conway's 41st birthday. Some really good posts! As I am turning 40 this summer, it has been so great to read these posts - I think I may need to write my own! Read What I Like About Getting Older by Ali, The Delicious Truth About Getting Older by Susannah, 10 Years Ago by Xanthe, and 40 is the new 40 by Andrea.

Facebook got me this week with their 10 year lookback movies - I was crying at everyone's, especially my own! They also put together this amazing video about Humans of New York. If you don't have the Humans of New York book, run out and buy it now!

Some good tips on fighting kids' colds.

Check out this really awesome one minute video called "Move".

More adorable photos of this toddler napping with his puppy.

I loved this post about an amazing teacher.

At first I felt myself bristle at this post's title ("The Downside of Attachment Parenting") because I hate when people attack different parenting approaches, but actually that title does this post a disservice, because it is not attacking AP at all, it just expresses that you have to find a parenting style that works for you - and that may be one that is cobbled together of a whole bunch of different styles (I know what we do in this house is definitely a mish mosh of a lot of different "methods"). 

17 Simple Habits that Will Change Your Life.

Why Being a Mom is Enough.

I love this New York City coffee map!

Beer Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies! Nice!

I love this article about Philip Seymour Hoffman's love of fatherhood.

* * *

Have a lovely weekend!