Lila - Age 2, Week 17 | Long Island Children's Portraits


This week it started to warm up and we went for a long walk one day where you got soaked jumping in puddles! We also spent a glorious hour in the backyard, playing with bubbles and the sand table. I could have fallen asleep in the sunshine out there! We celebrated your cousin Lucy's 3rd birthday. You are still so shy when we go places with a lot of people. You were scared when we first got to Lucy's party and spent a good 20 minutes crying in your Nana's lap, but eventually you warmed up and had fun. We went to the city on Wednesday to get our taxes done and brought you with us. You had fun on the train ride and were good as gold during our appointment. You mostly just played with your LeapPad. Things have started to settle down sleep-wise and tantrum-wise around here, so hopefully that continues. I imagine it will only get better once we are really able to spend more and more time outside. The fresh air is good for all of us! We love you, Lila!