This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photography

Monday was the "A Day in the Life" photo challenge. You've already seen most of my photos from that day. These are my favorites:


I guess I had a lot of favorites! I always have to take a break from my camera for a day after documenting a whole day, so no photos were taken on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday we went into the city to have our taxes done. Lila enjoyed the train ride.

When two year olds dress themselves:

My Project Life spread last week:

Eating this quiche all week made me really happy.

26 weeks!

Too cool for school.

It was gloriously warm this weekend, so Lila and I went for a walk before work this Sunday.

We also had a really fun time at Lila's cousin Lucy's third birthday party on Saturday, but I was extremely lame and took no photos!

I hope you all had a wonderful week, too!