Lila - Age 2, Week 18 | Long Island Children's Portraits

We've been having 1-2 decent weather days a week lately and then back to cold. We did get some good backyard time on a couple of occasions this past week as well as an afternoon at the park with some buddies from music class. You are really loving your music classes lately - it is so fun to watch you there - dancing and running around. And our lunches afterward at Panera are one of my favorite parts of the week. We went back to Buy Buy Baby this week for the millionth time to look at double strollers, and I think we have FINALLY picked one out. You had fun riding around on all the different models, trying them out. I can't wait for walks and outings this summer with you and your baby brother! You spent a couple of days this week with Nana while I was at work, and had a blast as usual. You love your Nana so much. And we love you, sweet girl!