Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

We said goodbye to Lila yesterday - she went upstate with her grandparents for three whole days! Her first time being away from both me and Eric overnight. Reports say she is doing great, though, and even slept most of the night last night (only one short wake-up). It is SO weird not having her in the house! I didn't realize what a big presence that little girl had until she went away! I can't wait to squeeze her on Sunday morning.

In the meantime, I enjoyed sleeping in this morning and watching whatever I wanted on TV when I woke up! 

* * *

And now,  here are my favorite reads from the internet this week:

Google Drive significantly lowers their prices. $10/month for a 1 TB is pretty awesome!

Double Chocolate Banana Bread? OKAY.

Some good pointers here on how to cut your child's hair. Seeing how Lila screams "HATE! HATE! HATE!" every morning when I BRUSH her hair, I think it will be a while before she tolerates any scissors! 

This way of preparing asparagus sounds delicious. I want to give it a try!

Taking a screen sabbath. I'm thinking of giving this a shot this summer.

Woah - these crispy smashed potatoes look awesome!

This is a really fascinating post on the business of blogging.

A reminder to capture everyday photographs of your children, not just the special occasions. I agree!

Rice pudding with jam is such a childhood comfort food of mine. I want to make this!

I am pretty stoked about the comeback of overalls. I can't wait until I fit back into mine!

Let Her Say No. Such an enlightening and important read, especially to those with little girls.

The Innovation of Loneliness. What a fascinating video! It claims that the more we “connect” online, the less actual human interactions we have, making us actually fairly unsocial. This is one of the reasons I chose to back away from social media this year.

A beautiful reminder for New Yorkers of what an amazing city we live in.

Bullet journaling. I'm giving it a shot...a full blog post about it to come!

Some good basic tips for creating a solid household budget that works.

A friend instagrammed her toddler's routine chart the other day and it was the first time I had seen one. I also saw this one advertised at Lakeshore Learning. I've been looking around the internet for posts about their success. I think it could come in handy this fall when Lila starts school. Anyone use them with their kids?

This post about the reality of working in theater is spot-on. When I moved to New York, I was shocked to find how little off-Broadway shows pay. I worked many a time for less than the unemployment rate, often with famous actors who were getting paid the same. Even now, working in commercial theater in which we do make a living wage, often the first budgetary cutbacks that are made are to the actors' salaries, or to the number of acting contracts. Ironic when theater would not exist without the actor.

21 Things You Have to Explain to Out-of-Towners About New York City.

So many good NYC posts this week! Check out this time lapse of a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge.

* * *

Enjoy your weekend everybody - and hello, Spring! We are SO glad you are here!

Harlem, 2009.