Lila - Age 2, Week 19 | Long Island Children's Portraits

You had an exciting week - you went away for three days with Nana and Pops, your first trip away from both Mom and Dad! You went up to Copake for the weekend, and reports say that you did really well and had a great time. I was concerned about how you would sleep up there, but Nana says you only had one wake-up each night, and went right back to sleep, which is really good! By Saturday you were ready to come home (you left on Thursday) - apparently you kept saying "Mom. Dad. Car. Home." Its good to know that you are okay being away from us for a couple of days, and also great to know what your limits are. I'm so glad you had a good time! On Sunday you went with Dad to Aunt Maryliz's house to celebrate your Great Nana's birthday. I had to work, but Dad said you were very well-behaved and had a good time. I am currently typing this from the car - we are parked in the driveway while take an epic car nap. I think the events of this past week wore you out! I'm very proud of you for your accomplishments this week, Lila. xo