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The big event this week was that Lila went away with her Nana and Pops for three whole days - her first trip away from both Eric and I! She had a great time and apparently slept better than she does at home (of course!). It was nice to get a little break and run some errands on my own, but I really missed having her in the house. Its amazing what a big presence that little girl has! I have to say, going to the bathroom and taking a shower with the door shut was a nice change, though!

Lila's bags packed, ready to go.

Earlier in the week, breakfast on the couch. Her usual routine. She generally requests "Yo Gabba Gabba" as her first morning TV show, but lately has been branching out and watching "Daniel Tiger" or "Caillou" as well.

Addicted to her LeapPad. Not sure whether this is a good thing or not.

Delicious irish soda bread. Made the day after St. Paddy's Day.

Signs of Spring. Finally!

Out for a walk with Lila. The weather has been really clear lately, although still cold.

She loves this weird tramp statue on our neighbor's lawn. 

This one afternoon the spring light was just so pretty in our house.

Playing with trains...or as Lila calls them - "CHOOCH!"

Last week's Project Life spread:

Rehearsal at "Rock of Ages". We have a couple of new girls coming in to the show. Only at RoA do you rehearse in a dog collar and chain!

New letters and numbers for the bath. She loves them.

This kid is such a monkey. Climbing up on to our bed.

28 weeks. Slowing down. Feeling tired but excited. Pregnancy-induced shin splints are really hurting me. Ordered some new comfy shoes yesterday. Looking forward to getting back into my old clothes this summer, and spending all my time with my littles.

We were so happy to have her home on Sunday. I think she was happy, too.

Headed in to work at the Rock.

The littlest house on Broadway.

And that was our week!

* * * 

A little bit of housekeeping: I have been terrible about uploading new photos to my galleries - eventually I want to do something photography-related with this website, maybe start my own business, but right now I am focused on my kiddos and my job at "Rock of Ages", so any other business ventures are definitely not in the near future. I do want to be better about keeping my site up-to-date though, so I will be working on updating those galleries soon - hopefully before my little boy arrives! I have added a gallery of my films though - the little time capsules I have created over the past couple of years, so if you get a minute, take a look!

* * *

Happy Wednesday, everyone!