Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

I scheduled our hospital tour this week - only 10 weeks left until this baby shows his face! I've started washing little newborn onesies and ordered some new crib bedding. Lots more to do, but all my lists are in order! The big project is that Eric is trying to get our basement renovated before the birth. He freaked out a little last night when he realized we had only ten weeks left, but then I reminded him that we renovated the entire main floor of this house and moved and decorated in less time than that before Lila was born. Does this mean that whenever I want any renovation done to this house I should get pregnant again? Haha :)

I will be sharing a blog post soon about our second baby prep - what we are doing to get ready this time. In the meantime, here is a link to my Big Baby Gear List - all the things I recommend to first-time mamas that were helpful to us when Lila was born.

* * *

And now, my favorite internet reads this week. Brace yourself, there are a lot of them!

How to use a few apps to make your Instagram photo look amazing.

I've been reading Kelle's blog for a few years now and this post on World Down Syndrome Day made me sniffle - specifically the part about Nella starting preschool.

I love this 100 Happy Days challenge on Instagram!

Fish tacos are definitely one of my top favorite foods - these are on the must-try list!

I always like Elise's posts on her favorite green skincare products. I want to try the cleanser, toner and facial cream.

These sample daycare menus for toddlers are full of good ideas!

Lila is going through an anti-book phase at the moment, but I do enjoy lists of others' favorite kid books.

I love these shots of Xanthe's morning

I'm excited about Tracy's new blog feature on SNACKS - I need some new ideas.

The new Flickr is here. What do you think about it? I don't really love how hidden all the comments on photos are...the community aspect of Flickr is my favorite part about it and the new changes to the photo pages definitely challenge the ease of community interaction.

I love these mini photobooks - they would make great gifts for family members.

Ooh, the A Beautiful Mess girls have come out with mini action packs for Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom. Only $10!

Do You Know How To Take the Subway Like a Real New Yorker? Hell yes, I do. Stay away from the empty car!

How has it possibly been 30 years since The Breakfast Club came out? I am OLD.

This post about testing for kindergarteners is sad and disturbing. I have similar FEELINGS about much (not all, but a lot) of early intervention testing for toddlers, which I think is directly related to this common core testing in schools.

This article in the Washington Post about union vs. non-union touring "Broadway" shows is something every lay person should read. Educate yourself about what you are seeing and know that those of us who are union theater professionals are currently fighting to save our livelihood on the road.

We are loving having Randi Zuckerberg as part of our company at "Rock of Ages" - this is a great interview with her about her part in the show.

60 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About New York City. I've lived here for 11 years, and I found this fascinating!

33 Unbelievable Places to Visit Before You Die. These photos are stunning.

Some good ideas for Easter basket gifts for the littles.

How to Get Rid of Dirty Diaper Smells. We need to do something about our odiferous diaper genie - I need to try some of these tips.

Ooh - Evernote Moleskins! This combines my love of Evernote and my current love of the Bullet Journal!

Soon you are going to have to start paying for your company's page on Facebook.

37 Life Lessons in 37 Years and 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself. Both good reads!

Shakespeare Santa Cruz is back! This was my home for two of the best summers of my life. If you are in the area, buy a ticket to see some Shakespeare this summer!

Love this article about one ballerina's body struggles. Especially the last paragraph.

The film "Finding Vivian Maier" is finally being released! See the trailer here.

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That's all folks! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!