Lila - Age 2, Week 20 | Long Island Children's Photographer

Another pretty ordinary week! We went to music class and lunch on Monday - you are loving your music classes so much right now. It makes me sad that this is probably your last session! This summer we will be having our own adventures with your brother and then you start preschool in the fall (which I still cannot believe!). We managed to venture outside a couple of times this week for walks and a trip to the playground. It rained while we were at the playground, but it was worth getting a bit wet just to be outside for a little while. You had a good time with Nana this weekend - you did some shopping together, visited Riley and had some dance parties at home! You are starting to put words together - not really in sentences, but putting words together to emphasize your needs, like : "Car, home, bye!" or "Mom, please!". You are enjoying listening to music and you have your own variation of the ASL sign for music that you use when you want it turned on. You still enjoy acting out all of your DVDs and you are trying to sing along with all the songs in your shows. You have started requesting to watch "Daniel Tiger" and "Caillou", but only Episode 2 of each series. You are very into your routines. You like watching familiar shows so that you can recite the words along with them. You need to have your blankets counted ("1-2-3") as we cover you up for naps and bed. You have to go through all the colors of your turtle nightlight before you always settle on green before going to sleep. You have to spell out the name of your carseat ("Recaro") before you are belted in, every time. Yep, you are definitely a woman of routine! You are also really into coloring right now. You love coloring at your easel and you also love the Melissa and Doug "Water Wow" coloring books. Its so fun getting to watch you grow and learn, Lila!