Friday Round-up | Long Island Photographer

With our second baby arriving in just a few short months, I have house organization on the brain. He will be in our room for a while, but I need to start doing some work on Lila's room (which they will eventually share) to make space for some baby boy clothes and gear. Eric has started working on clearing the basement, which we are going to hopefully renovate this year to create a playroom (so desperately needed - our tiny living room is getting overrun with toys!) and an office. And later down the line we will have to do a big bedroom switcheroo as the kids will definitely outgrow the tiny space they will share at first when the time comes for them to move to twin beds. I'm getting lots of decorating ideas from Pinterest. Pinterest is the best! It makes me so happy to look through all the beautiful images first thing in the morning. So inspiring!

Lots of inspiring posts out there in blog-land, too! Here are my favorites from this week:

I love this wooden mosaic wall art. Something like this would look great over our dining table, or maybe in our future office.

Oh my goodness, these photos of almond orchards in bloom in California are making me so jealous. Come on over to the east coast, Spring!

Chocolate cake with strawberries and cream? Yes, please.

This maple almond butter looks yummy!

I love these beautiful black and white photos of this family!

This spectacular time-lapse of Yosemite makes me want to visit there right NOW.

These Photoshop actions by A Beautiful Mess look great! I hope they make them Lightroom compatible as well!

Banana bread, brie and chocolate grilled cheese! This looks amazing - I could probably only handle one or two bites, but I bet those bites would be THE BOMB.

I love this fleecy cowl!

I have an iTunes season pass to the show "Parenthood" (don't you love it?!) and last week this Luncheonette webisode showed up - with the worlds of "Parenthood" and "Friday Night Lights" (my all-time favorite TV show ever) colliding! 

Amtrak has begun offering writer's residencies - so cool!

What You Learn in Your 40's. I am almost there, and yes, agree with all of this!

This post from People Magazine of Oscar nominees posing with their younger selves is really good!

Have you heard of oil pulling? I'm intrigued!

* * *

It's supposed to warm up this weekend, so I hope you all get to enjoy some outside time! Have a good one!