Getting Ready for Baby: Freezer Meal Prep

Today I started on some freezer meals for after the baby arrives.  My goal is to have four dinners per week for 8 weeks ready to go, plus a few items for breakfasts and lunches. I figure with leftovers and occasional take-out this should get us through June and July for the most part, which will be so helpful! 

Here's what I plan on making:

Breakfast Burritos

Chicken, Bean and Cheese Burritos

4 Quiches (2 tomato and broccoli, 1 ham and cheese, 1 mushroom and spinach)

BBQ Meatballs

Smoky Bacon Chili (2 batches)

Strawberry Muffins (2 batches)

Lactation Cookies

Cilantro Lime Pizza (2)

Meat Sauce for Pasta

Green Chile Turkey Burgers (makes 6)

Grilled Hawaiian Teriyaki Burgers (makes 8)

BBQ Beef Sandwiches (I may use pork instead)

FajitasSlice veggies and freeze, cut chicken and freeze (use store spice packets when cooking)

World's Best Chicken (freeze 6 breasts)

Mac and Cheese (freeze in small portions for Lila)

BBQ Chicken Pizza (2)this recipe I made up: storebought pizza crust slathered in BBQ sauce, topped with mozzarella, red onion, corn and chicken. 

...And, here is what I plan on buying:

Garlic bread

Sweet potato fries (2 bags)

Stuffed Chicken Breasts (8 total)

Beef Brisket (4 lbs, buy 2)


Lasagna (2)

I broke the food prep up into nine different days, which will be spread out over six weeks:

Day 1: Breakfast Burritos/Chicken Burritos
Day 2: Quiches
Day 3: Cilantro Lime Pizza/BBQ Chicken Pizza
Day 4: BBQ meatballs, BBQ Beef or Pork
Day 5: Smoky Bacon Chili 
Day 6: Strawberry Muffins, Lactation Cookies
Day 7: Meat Sauce for Pasta, Prep Fajitas, Prep World's Best Chicken
Day 8: Teriyaki Burgers, Turkey Burgers
Day 9: Mac and Cheese

I made the 4 quiches today, so one day of prep is already done!

We inherited a big chest freezer from Eric's grandparents, which we put in our basement. This will be its first real workout! I'm excited to have the space to be able to make this much food ahead of time and freeze it. It is going to make life so much easier in those first hazy weeks of new baby.

Anyone have any favorite freezer meal recipes I should add to my list?

Quiches ready for the freezer