This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photography

We had a fun jam-packed week! 

Monday was our normal music class/Panera outing (no photos to share). Lila is really loving her classes lately. Its great to see her come out of her shell by the end of each session. 

On Tuesday it was rainy, but we really wanted to get out of the house, so Lila and I went over to Hicks Nursery, a big garden center near where we live, so Lila could run around, splash in puddles and chase the birds. It was a good way to get out the rainy day wiggles.

We're getting some buds on the daffodils in our front yard!

Evidence that a toddler was here.

Coloring. She loves it.

Remains of a lunchtime couch picnic.

Wrestling on mom and dad's bed (with a cheese stick, no less). One of Lila's favorite things to do.

Still eating that cheese stick...

Playing with magnets.

Lila is finally starting to show some interest in books again after a long hiatus.

On Wednesday we went to the boardwalk at Long Beach. It was windy, but so pretty!

Lila found the only puddle on the boardwalk.

It was so nice to see the ocean again. It had been a while.

Spring showing its face in our yard through greener grass and some flowers.

Last week's Project Life spread:

On Thursday we took our new stroller out for a spin. You can add a seat to the back or the older kid can either stand on the back glider board or sit on the back bench. I think it will work out well.

Waiting for our car to be washed on Friday.

"Working" intently on her LeapPad.

My awesome co-workers threw me a baby shower on Saturday between shows at our lobby bar (I love that both of my baby showers have been at bars!). It was low-key and fun - perfect!

The amazing stage managers I work with! Justin, Matty, Andrea and Bryan.

Matty and Cody

Riding on the train this past weekend. Nobody gave me a seat. Grrr.

And that was our week! Hope you had a good one!