This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

I think the end of winter is finally in sight...(I hope I didn't just jinx myself by typing that). The weather is warming up slowly, and although we've had a lot of rain this week, it sure beats being freezing cold.

Some flowers are starting to pop up around our yard.

There are some snowdrops sprouting near Tallulah's grave.

Mornings are still slow around here. Lila's overnight sleep is improving, but she's waking earlier in the mornings. 

Some black and white self-portraits for my Now You class this week.

Out for lunch with Lila. We sat near the bathroom, and so she was sure to notify me every time someone went "pee pee".

My Project Life spread last week:

Eric is working hard on the basement renovation. We are putting in a playroom, an office, a workroom, a storage closet, a utility room, a half bath, and a kegerator (that part was Eric's idea). It will be so nice to have those new spaces to make use of!

Warm spring afternoon light in the living room. I love it.

Out for one of our neighborhood walks.

I liked my outfit this day. Its hard to feel cute when you are carrying lots of extra pregnancy weight, but I am trying my best to make an effort everyday!

Reading "Notes From A Blue Bike" on the train. I'm enjoying it.

One day we were all set to go to the playground and it started raining. I said, screw it, we're going anyway! I'm glad we did - Lila had fun running off some energy.

New comfy kicks. I've dealt with shin splints for years now, but they are really acting up currently. Another fun side effect of pregnancy. Who knew?

Walking home in the rain.

Rainy train ride (do you see a theme here?).

I haven't been able to successfully transport Lila from asleep in the car seat to asleep in her bed for a while now. The other day she fell asleep on the way home from music class, so I parked in the driveway, went and got my laptop and sat with her for an hour and a half while she slept. Luckily the wifi reaches out there!

And that was our week. Hope you had a good one!