This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Documentary Photographer

We had a really busy week, and probably for that very reason, I didn't take many photos at all. 

We had music class on Monday, and Tuesday was one of those annoying days when everything was screwed up - our groceries didn't get delivered, my doctor appointment went way longer than I thought - that kind of thing - all day. On Wednesday Lila and I went into the city to spend some time with one of my good college friends, Tiffany, and her family, who were in town for a few days for a visit. Lila loved running around Central Park after 8-year-old Ava, and we had a nice lunch together. Tiffany also brought us her old double jogging stroller since they don't need it anymore. So nice of her! 

Anyway, before I knew it, the first half of the week was over and I hadn't even turned my camera on. Lila woke up on Thursday with a nasty cold, and I was feeling run down by Friday, so I took Friday night off work. Lila napped for two days in a row on the couch instead of in her bed, a real rarity for her.

We tried out a new playground this week. It was good, except for the goose poop everywhere. Lila went down some pretty big slides by herself - brave girl!

I started stocking up on freezer meals this week. So grateful for the hand-me-down chest freezer that we got so that we have space to store all these meals!

Hanging out, reading "Maisy" on her bed.

More shenanigans on Mom and Dad's bed.

Stealing my lunch.

Playing with her ukelele. I still need to learn at least ONE song on the dang thing so I can play it for her.

Not feeling great meant a lot of TV this week. Ah well.

33 week belly.

Missing Tallulah.

Playing with magnets.

Last week's Project Life spread:

My baby girl is growing up so fast!

Lila's Easter haul.

I had to work on Easter, but Eric took Lila over to his parents' house for some Easter fun. 

And that was our week! Hope you had a great one!