A Day at Rock of Ages | New York City Theater Photographer

I first started blogging in 2006 when I went on tour with Monty Python's "Spamalot". Back then, I used my blog mainly to document my travels and my work for my friends and family - a way to keep in touch while I was away. Over time, my blog has morphed into a space that is more about my home life than work, but I thought I'd spend a little time chatting about "the office" today, since I do love where I work so much.

I'm a stage manager at the Broadway show "Rock of Ages" - I've been with RoA for three and a half years now. I started with the company as a stage manager on the First National Tour back in August 2010, and then moved on to working as a substitute stage manager at the Broadway show in July 2011. In August 2012 I was hired full time. 

I am so grateful for this job at this time in my life. My coworkers are amazing and so supportive of letting me have the time I need with my family. Not every show is as understanding about taking personal time off. I do not take this for granted one bit!

On Tuesday I decided to document "A Day at Rock of Ages". We had a rehearsal in the afternoon to "put in" two new dancers, Rebecca and Alyssa. Rebecca made her debut in the show on Tuesday night. Alyssa's first night is tonight, Thursday. Tuesday also marked the final performance for another of our girls, Tessa, after being with Rock of Ages for about four years - first in the Toronto company and then on Broadway. It was definitely a big night!




Put in rehearsals are generally about four hours long and involve the whole company. The new actors being "put in" dress in full make-up and costumes. For this week's rehearsal, because the girls are basically in every scene (or changing their clothes offstage if they aren't in the scene), we ran the entire show. We used all props and scenery, but no sound or stage lights.

The show that night went perfectly. It was exciting to watch Rebecca make her Broadway debut, but also bittersweet to say goodbye to Tessa. Luckily she will be back in a few weeks to fill in while one of our girls is on vacation.

With the photos and video I took on Tuesday, I put together a "time capsule" of the day. I hope you enjoy it - I think it gives a little glimpse at the fun we have every single day at Rock of Ages. I am a lucky girl to have such an awesome job and to work with such amazing people!