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Maternity leave is getting so close! Only three more weeks until I am home for the summer with my babies. I can't wait! Work is full of crazy changes right now, lots of new people including my department. Its all good change, but definitely a shift that will take some getting used to before it feels like the "norm" again. Exciting things happening for all my coworkers who are moving on, and I am so happy for all of them! 

The big event in my industry this week was the Tony nominations being announced. My friend Nick, who I toured with on "Rock of Ages" (and who has also performed in the Broadway show), was nominated for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for "Bullets Over Broadway". Everyone at "Rock of Ages" is over the moon excited for him. This couldn't have happened to a nicer, more deserving person. Way to go, Nick!

A photo I took of Nick performing with some of our cast mates at a bar in Indianapolis while on tour.

A photo I took of Nick performing with some of our cast mates at a bar in Indianapolis while on tour.

Back at home, we had a relaxed week. Lila was still recovering from a cold, so lots of snuggles and hanging out at home.

I bought a light scoop for my camera (the three photos above were taken with it on camera). I wanted it for hospital pics of the new baby. I am liking the results so far!

A little black and white action:

Eric dug a big trench in our backyard this week in preparation for getting our central air unit installed. Lila was pretty good about staying away from it whenever we went outside for some bubble blowing.

We have been going on walks as much as possible. Its so nice to finally venture out of the house after this long winter!


Practicing sight words.

My Project Life spread from last week:

More backyard time...

Bath time!

She likes to line all the toys up along the side.

Lila was here.

33 weeks, in the backyard.

Lila in profile.

Out to lunch at Panera.

We went to the park and tried out the new stroller again. This time Lila spent a lot of time riding the glider board. She loved it!

Piloting an airplane at the playground.

Pretty girl. I love these images. The facial expressions are so HER.

Walking home from the grocery store. She walked almost the whole way!

Checking out the daffodils in our front yard. So nice to have some color out there!

Getting my weekly monitoring of the baby. Everything looks good except the little stinker had moved into a transverse position. Hopefully he will move again very soon.

We got a letter about parent meetings from Lila's nursery school. I can't believe she is already old enough to start school this fall!

Me and my sweet girl.

It was a good week! Hope yours was too!