Friday Round-up | Long Island Family Photographer

All of a sudden I realized today that we are in single digits for the weekly countdown to baby and I have so much to do! Yikes! Cue freak-out trip to Target where I bought such random things as membranes for my breast pump, a boppy lounger and some baby pjs. What the hell? I need to calm down. 

I finally got Lila down for a nap (why is she always so sleepy in the car and then wide awake when we get home?), so I'm snatching a few minutes to write up this post. 

My favorite reads this week!

I am really excited about the upcoming Skinnytaste Cookbook - Skinnytaste is probably my favorite website to get recipes from!

Free pricing guides for budding photographers - helpful stuff!

A good post about showing your kids how to argue in a healthy way.

Introducing your second baby to your first - I am taking notes on this subject!

7 helpful tips about printing your photos.

Ooh - the ultimate checklist for kids' art supplies!

I am really excited about listening to Elise's new podcast "Elise Gets Crafty" - I have the first three episodes all downloaded and ready to go!

I love reading others' lists of their child's favorite toys. This is a good one.

Loving these photos of Jane Goodall, who I have always found fascinating.

Ugh, this mom's letter made me just as angry as Gwyneth Paltrow's initial remarks. Why do some moms have to be such assholes to each other?

Two photo projects that sound amazing to me - 100 Happy Days and 365 Grateful. I dare you to watch this short film about Amy's experience with the 365 project without crying your eyes out. So touching and inspiring.

Some secrets to successful blogging.

How adorable are Will, Kate, George and their pup?

These photos of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan being tourists around NYC are hysterical - my favorite is the shot outside the Stonewall.

Just parent. Hell yes.

Two cat articles that made me laugh this week - Hardcore Metal Musicians Pose With Their Cats and Creature That Craps in Box Too Fancy for Dry Food. LOL :)

A good read about taking the pressure off yourself for making your kid's childhood perfect.

* * *

My favorite thing this week: The Wire. I finally finished the final season (there are five) and I am kind of in mourning that it is over! I've been obsessively reading Wikipedia pages about the show. It really is epic and Shakespearean like the critics say. I'm at a loss as to what to watch on my train rides now. I don't think anything can top The Wire!

* * *

Enjoy your weekend!