Lila - Age 2, Week 21 | Long Island Children's Photographer


LIKES: Yo Gabba Gabba, Daniel Tiger (episode 2), Caillou (episode 2), the number 2, your alphabet puzzle and alphabet magnets, counting everything, reading your Sight Words flashcards, your LeapPad (especially the drawing apps and the camera), coloring (especially on your easel), Play Doh, Annie's fruit gummies, your gummy vitamins, singing, dancing and acting along with any of your DVDs, Elmo, playing chase, being tickled, wrestling on Mom and Dad's bed, listening to the Pandora kids station, sorting Mom's pens and washi tape, visiting Riley, cookies, sucking your thumb, your dog (lovey), baths, playing in the backyard, your Nana.

HATES: Most food items (so frustrating!), having your diaper changed, getting dressed, short-sleeved shirts, getting your nails clipped, having your hair brushed, getting your teeth brushed (except the part where you get to suck on the brush), being told "no", strangers, big groups of people, doing anything you don't want to do!