Getting Ready for Baby #2

It is really interesting for me to compare this pregnancy to my pregnancy with Lila. In a lot of ways they are much the same: I am lucky to not have experienced many of the negative side effects that usually come with pregnancy either time. No nausea or heartburn. With Lila I was really sensitive to smells for a while - mostly perfume scents. I haven't experienced that this time around. With Lila's pregnancy I dealt with some carpal tunnel in my hands and wrists that continued for a little while after her birth, but so far, I have not had a reoccurrence of that this time. I have however been dealing with some painful shin splints, which I deal with when not pregnant as well, but they are definitely exacerbated by the extra weight I am carrying. I think I am probably more tired this time around, which is expected seeing as I am up at the crack of dawn with a toddler!

30 Weeks

In terms of logistics, this pregnancy has been SO much easier. I am not traveling around the country, for one thing! (with Lila I was on tour until 24 weeks pregnant - so my pre-natal care was tricky, to say the least). Even when I moved back to NYC for the end of Lila's pregnancy, it was still challenging to get to the office where I would get my sonograms done. I lived on the west side, and the office was on the east side, so it involved a long walk across Central Park. Normally this is something that I would have no problem with, but towards the end of the pregnancy, it was not easy at all. We also renovated our current house and moved just two weeks before Lila was born! I was terrified that I would go into labor on Long Island and then get stuck in traffic driving to Manhattan where I was set to deliver. In the end, everything worked out. I'm glad I stayed on tour as long as I did. I am glad we moved before Lila's birth. I was induced so there was no panicked drive to the city - it was all scheduled. However, this time - living in the same city as both my midwife and the hospital where I am delivering - and being able to drive to them both - makes life SO much easier. 

As with Lila's pregnancy, I am still dealing with hypertension, which is not related to pregnancy. This time I am taking medication which is keeping my numbers normal, but if the little boy doesn't arrive a bit early on his own, I will likely be induced again at 39 weeks. Having gone through an induction/birth experience once, I now have a few opinions and requests about how I want things to go that will hopefully make the birth slightly more comfortable for me.

* * *

And as for things at gear prep... there is not a lot that we need! I have been keeping lots of lists going: what to buy, what to make and what to do. Here's the run down of the details:

THINGS I NEED TO BUY (a lot of this has been purchased or ordered already):

- Rock n Play - We had one for Lila but it had a bit of mildew on it, so I decided to get a new one. This is what the little dude will sleep in in our room for the first few months.

- Changing Table - We borrowed one from Eric's cousin. This will go in the corner of our room so that I don't have to go into Lila's room during the night to change the baby. I also bought baskets for all his clothes that stack under the changing table.

- Double Stroller - We FINALLY decided on this one.

- Changing Mat and Cover - For the changing table in our room. 

- Crib Sheets/Bumper/Skirt - The ones we had for Lila were pink gingham. The little man deserves something a bit more "him". I ordered some from this Etsy shop.

- Art for the Nursery Wall - Lila has prints from this shop on her bedroom wall. When we move the kids into the room together (probably next winter), I'll get some little boy prints from the same shop.

- Dual View Baby Monitor - We really still rely on our video monitor in dealing with all the trials and tribulations of Lila's sleep, so I wanted one with split view so we can see both kids. I know a lot of people use webcams these days, but we needed something that was super low tech and easy to use for other babysitters/grandparents. My parents just bought us this one.

- Boy Clothes - I got a ton of awesome hand-me-downs from two friends (thank you Lyn and Cathy!) so I really just need to buy a few sets of pajamas.

- Sound Machine - Lila still uses hers so we need a second one for our room. Lila has a Homedics one, but I thought I'd give this Munchkin one a try.

- Feeding Log - I used this one with Lila and just ordered the same one.

- Mama Supplies for Labor and Postpartum Recovery - nursing pads (I like these ones from Lanacare), Tucks pads, face wipes, personal fan, chapstick, breath spray.

- Pumping Supplies - new parts - tubes, membranes, etc., freezer bags.

- Changing Supplies - my friend Lyn gave me a ton of diapers. I think I just need one more small box of newborn size. Some diaper cream. 

- Gripe Water - hiccup miracle cure!

- Boppy Lounger - I didn't have one of these with Lila, but I think it will come in handy this time around.

- Baby Book - I ordered one from this Etsy shop, which is where I got Lila's.

- Big Sister/Little Brother Shirts - not necessary... but kinda necessary!!

And that's it for purchases! Eventually we will have to buy a crib mattress (Lila has our current one on her toddler bed) and either a booster seat for the dining table or second high chair. 

Baby Boy Clothes



- Quilt - I've got all the fabric, supplies and a pattern ready to go. Just have to get moving on it!

- Knit Blanket - done!

- Sweater - done!

- Name Banner - Going to wait on this until we move both kids into the same room. There may not actually be room on the wall for one!

- Coming Home Sweater, Hat, Booties - working on these now. Hat is done, sweater is half done.

Knit Baby Blanket

And finally....


- Install car seat

- Purge all of Lila's old clothes - done!

- Make room in Lila's closet - done!

- Make room in Lila's dresser - again, waiting to do this until we move both kids into the same room. In the meantime, the baskets under the changing table will work as clothing storage.

- Get bouncer and swing from basement and clean them.

- Get baby health insurance - can't do this until after the baby is born unfortunately. He'll be covered by my insurance until he is 1 month old.

- Order breast pump through insurance - done!

- Hospital tour - scheduled!

- Circumcision decision - done!

- Instructions/Food/Pack for Lila - she is staying with grandparents while we are the hospital.

- Thank you cards - purchased!

- Birth announcements

- Shopping trip to BJ's to get bulk food/supplies

- Wash baby toys

- Wash bottles

- Pack bags for hospital

- Wash tummy time mats, baby carriers, etc.

- Make freezer meals

* * *

Whew! It looks like a lot all typed out, but I feel like I have made a good dent in the lists already. I am starting to prep freezer meals next week and a lot of the things on the "to buy" list have been purchased. I'll do all the washing of toys, etc. when I start maternity leave.

In any case, all a newborn REALLY needs is a place to sleep, some diapers and a boob, so in that respect, we are all set!

If you are interested in what we purchased for having our first baby, check out my Big Baby Gear List.

Only 59 more days until the due date - yikes!

Newborn Lila