This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photography

I'm getting bigger every day and the tired is setting in, but my midwife keeps telling me that this baby looks like he could show up early so I am plowing forward with my baby "to do" list even though I would rather lie on the couch all day. I would love to have the majority of it finished this week. Lila is putting up with all my errands and chores like a champ. We did manage to get out and have a bit of fun this past week in between "to do" list items.

The weather has been totally gorgeous - in the 70's mostly. The blossoms are starting to fall off the trees, and finally all the bare branches are covered in green. We went for a walk the other evening. It was so pretty out.

Lila has been really getting into playing with her blocks lately...I think because Daniel Tiger likes playing with blocks :) She has been making some impressive structures.

I've been preparing for the little dude's arrival by refreshing my memory about breastfeeding, among other things. I'm glad I kept all the feeding logs from Lila's first year. Its good to be able to look back and remember what it was like at the beginning.

Backstage baby bump.

Lila still loves her hats.

Eating a Chips Ahoy after nap. She loves cookies. 

Her wee hands. I'm guessing they won't look so wee once her brother arrives.

And toddler toes...which as it turns out, I love just as much as baby toes. 

We went to Eisenhower Park one day last week (I can't even remember what day it was now!) to walk around since it was so nice out. I didn't last long though. Pushing a stroller is taking it out of me these days, especially since the carpal tunnel I had with Lila's pregnancy has returned. My right hand spends most of the day numb.

My Project Life spread last week:

I got away with wearing all non-maternity clothes on Tuesday. Quite a feat!

And one day I realized I was a total cliche. Yep, that's right, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

We've been playing with bubbles multiple times a day. I just had to order two more 64oz jugs of bubble juice.

On Friday morning we went to the Long Island Children's Museum with my friend Jenn and her daughter Senja. It was a little too crowded with school groups (I wish groups were only allowed on certain days!) for the girls to really want to stay long, but they had fun. Lila was a bit shy with Senja at first but pretty soon she was chasing her around. We went to lunch at Panera afterward. It was a fun morning!

Mother's Day was Sunday and Eric made me an awesome breakfast and I spent a few hours with Lila before heading into the city to see the matinee performance of "The Bridges of Madison County". It was so good! I can't believe it is closing so soon. That night I had a show at "Rock of Ages" - a very full but good day!

And that was our week! This week is my last at work until maternity leave and I am so excited! I'm trying to get most of baby "to do" tasks done this week so that next week I can just rest and hang out with Lila. That would be so nice!

Hope you all had a great week, too!