Friday Round-up | Long Island Photographer

Spring is finally here! It was 72 degrees yesterday and actually kinda hot in the sun. Lila has been freaking out whenever I put a short-sleeved shirt on her (maybe it feels weird to have bare arms after all this time?). I thought she was going to pass out from the heat yesterday. Today I actually successfully got her into a t-shirt that she has been tolerating all day (after an initial tantrum). Toddlers. They are so weird.

So, favorite things on the web this week? Here they are:

These chipotle lime shrimp tacos with strawberry salsa look delicious! (the strawberry salsa was totally the hook for me!)

Photos of abandoned malls - creepy!

Apparently I am craving strawberries this week - these strawberry donuts look amazing.

I love this photo book of current family rituals.

I'm intrigued by this Blog Life E-Course!

Good tips on picking the right lens to use on your camera.

5 tips for taking great photos from the passenger seat of the car.

These little knit bunnies are so cute, and you can also get different dress patterns for them!

I love this series of photos taken with Tri-X film.

This video made me giggle: 5 Tips for Making You Look Like Less of a Tool While Taking Selfies.

I was extremely sad to hear that the dog Cisco Sugarbear died this week. I've been following the owner's Flickrstream and Instagram feed for over a year now. She took such beautiful portraits of her dog.

* * *

Favorite thing this week? Jeni's Ice Cream. I first had Jeni's in Columbus, Ohio in probably 2007 or something like that while touring with "Spamalot", but I just discovered that you can now buy pints at Whole Foods. I may have driven to our closest Whole Foods yesterday (which is not really close at all) and spent $40 on ice cream. So worth it though! The salty caramel is to die for.

* * *

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

How is this little girl getting so big already??