This Week in Photos | Long Island Family Photographer

I finished up at work on Sunday and have basically been spending all my free time preparing for the little dude's imminent arrival. What this boils down to is - very little photo-taking. I think I will probably take a little break from blogging starting next week...probably not a complete break, but l won't be posting as much. I will still keep up with Lila's 52 project, and then maybe I'll do one post about our week that may or may not include a couple of fun links and maybe some meal ideas (although with all my freezer meal prep, we are going to basically be eating the same few things for a couple of months!). But it won't be four separate posts a week like I've been doing. I'm running out of steam and when the baby does arrive I know I'll be too preoccupied to be spending too much time here, for a little while anyway.

That being said, here are a few photos that I did take this past week.

One of Lila's block sculptures:

Morning on the couch.

Backyard flowers.

More frolicking with bubbles.

Enjoying the sunshine.

My sweet girl looking very serious.

Washing all the bottles and pump parts. Getting ready for the little dude.

Last week's Project Life spread:

I know I've been posting a billion bubble photos lately, but they really are so magical!

37 weeks. Feeling tired but excited. Looking forward to meeting our boy soon.

And that, along with struggling through the last few days of work, was my week. 

Hope you all had a good one!