Weekly Round-up | Long Island Family Photography

Okay, for a little while I'm going to try doing these weekly posts combining photos of our week plus perhaps a few links - kind of a mish-mosh of posts while things are busy around here. 

So on the baby front - still no little dude yet! I'm really hoping he shows up this week because my midwife is out of town next week, which means I'd have to deliver with a doctor I've never met before if I go into labor while she's gone. And if the baby doesn't come next week I'm afraid the word "induction" will start to be thrown around, which I am REALLY trying to avoid this time (I was induced with Lila - I would love to go into labor naturally this time). So fingers crossed that the little man decides he's ready to come sometime this week. In the meantime, I am enjoying being on maternity leave. I've been going to bed every night around 10pm, which has been so nice - especially since I have been dealing with some middle-of-the-night insomnia.

It has been nice having some time to get things done, too - the house is clean, we are totally stocked up on bulk food and paper goods, almost all my freezer meal plan is complete, and all the baby things are washed and put away. We did our hospital tour on Thursday. We are ready to go! 

And although it is just a tad exhausting chasing a 2-year-old around all day while 38 plus weeks pregnant, it has been really nice putting Lila to bed every night and being here when she wakes up from her nap every day. I don't think I have put her to bed for a week straight since we were on vacation in California last summer. I am savoring the time with her.

We've been trying to play low-key games since I have pretty much zero energy these days. One day Lila made a big bed for us out of pillows and stuffed animals in the living room.

I washed all of Lila's baby toys the other day and she has been fascinated with them ever since. She likes piling them all on the couch. 

We went to Panera for lunch earlier in the week (Lila refers to Panera as "Cheese" because she always gets a grilled cheese there!). Her hats have been getting some wear again.

It was a bit rainy this week. One day Lila and I had a huge battle of wills over which shoes she should wear out for a walk. I wanted her to wear wellies. She wanted to wear her new Saltwaters. She won. 

Also, she obsessed with washing her hands with this faucet on the side of the house.

Speaking of new shoes, I got a pair of Seychelles and I LOVE them. So comfortable.

Lila's balance bike arrived this week. We haven't taken it out for a spin yet because I have been trying to find a helmet that fits her. I finally found this Giro helmet that seems to work. At first she didn't want to wear it, but once she looked at herself in the mirror and realized it was the same sort of hat Caillou wears when he rollerskates, she was okay with it.

On Wednesday Lila and I went and hung out at Starbucks for a while before running some errands and then we went to visit Eric and his dad at the house they are renovating. 

I finished the little dude's quilt! It is not perfect, but for being only the second quilt I've ever made (the first being Lila's), I'm pretty happy with it. I made it following this tutorial.

I also finally got around to taking a few photos of the little dude's Coming Home Sweater, made from the Baby Bootah pattern by Perl Grey.

My friend Amy sent me a copy of her prenatal yoga video Exercising Balance and I took some time to do some of it on Saturday. It was awesome. More details about it this week!

This kid is getting LARGE.

Everyday there are bubbles.

If there is a puddle, she will find it.

My Project Life spread last week:

Trying some asparagus.

Hanging with Pops.

And trying out her new trike (thanks Pam, Joe and PR!). Her legs don't quite reach the pedals yet - soon!

* * *

A few interesting things I read on the internet this week:

20 Things You Can Do To Help A New Mom - these are good suggestions.

Some good tips on doing a 365 project.

I love this article by Zosia Mamet about what personal success means.

Some awesome NYC photos by Marilynn K. Yee, who just retired from the NY Times after 37 years on staff.

10 Things That The People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently.

And an interesting article about how traditional musical theater may be in trouble.

* * *

And finally, a couple of favorites for you:

First of all, my new shoes. Buy them!

And second of all, my friend Renee recommended this meatloaf recipe to me after her four-year-old twins gobbled it up. I made it last night and Lila ate it! Which is amazing! I hope it wasn't a one-time fluke and that she continues to enjoy it, because protein items for dinnertime (that Lila will actually eat) are such a challenge around here! I made the meatloaf with ground turkey and used breadcrumbs instead of cereal. I made it in muffin cups and am still trying to figure out the right cooking time as our oven runs really hot. I did 40 min with an additional 10-15 after spreading on the topping, and they were a little overdone. I think next time I will try 30 min with 10 min additional for the topping. Highly recommend!

* * *

And that was our week! Enjoy your Memorial Day!