Lila - Age 2, Week 28 | Long Island Children's Photographer

You have been putting so many words together this week and talking your head off. You've started saying "thank you" unprompted, which you previously only signed. You've started laughing and saying "You're funny!" to me along with a few other two and three word phrases. Its really fun to hear you talking more! We had your wellness check with Dr. Rubin last week and you now weigh 28 lbs and are 35.5 inches tall! Luckily you had no shots this visit, but the nurses did try to draw some blood without success. I told them to stop before they poked you because I could tell that they couldn't see a vein. You were traumatized enough by being pinned down to the examining table and having your arm tied up. Ugh. I hate seeing you scared like that. We are still waiting for your brother to show up. I've loved the time I've had with just you this week. It has been so nice to put you to bed every night. You are my very favorite girl in the whole wide world!