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Well, I am starting to slooow down, kids. My energy level is definitely starting to drop as I get closer to my due date. My last day of work cannot come soon enough - especially as my midwife thinks baby boy may show up early. I still have some things I want to get accomplished at home before he arrives. Give me at least a week after work ends, baby, to get all your stuff washed and organized!

The weather has been just gorgeous lately, so luckily we have been able to spend a lot of time outside - mainly in the backyard playing with bubbles. Lila's favorite Spring-time activity! I have a feeling you are going to be seeing lots of bubble photos in the coming weeks.

Snuggles on the couch. Only a few more weeks of cuddles with just one.

There is nothing more unfortunate than a rogue untied shoelace when you can't reach your feet.

It always takes her a while to really wake up from nap. 

More than even playing with her toys, Lila likes to arrange them. She pulls them all out and lines them up on the coffee table and the window sill.

I love these dirty chubby toddler toes.

A Spring shower.

Last week's Project Life spread:

35 weeks!

I may have driven all the way to Manhasset the other day to hit up the Whole Foods there for fancy ice cream. I'm thinking about doing it again this week. It was a good decision. And by good, I mean DELICIOUS.

My view from last week's NST. I have to get them weekly now along with a sonogram. All looks good. Baby boy's head is back down. Phew.

She is still crazy about her hats.

Watching some TV. Her current favorites are "Yo Gabba Gabba", "Caillou" and "Daniel Tiger".

And I'll leave you with...guess what? Some more bubble photos!

Hope you had an awesome week!