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Well, basically anything that happened last week was eclipsed by Logan's arrival on Sunday. Honestly, we didn't do much other than that. I wasn't feeling great most of the week - now we know why! Basically we stuck close to home. 

There was a lot of backyard time.

I sat in the backyard and read one afternoon while Lila napped. Reading...a thing I used to do! Maybe I can fit some more in this summer.

Our sage and oregano lasted throughout the winter and is now thriving. Amazing!

I don't understand the appeal of stickers as a toddler activity. Lila just gets really mad that they don't come up again once stuck, and then if they rip... tantrum!

Another thing that pisses Lila off... when her blocks fall over! She gets so mad! But she won't listen to me when I tell her that the rug is not the most steady base for blocks.

An activity that does not cause tantrums? Coloring. Lila loves to color. Unless a crayon breaks, then... you guessed it? Tantrum. Toddlers, man!

Last week's Project Life spread:

Her first braid.

Recording a smile.

Taken on Friday, Logan's due date. 40 weeks pregnant.

And then of course, on Sunday - he finally arrived!

I have to say, in the end it was a pretty great week. One of the best, actually! 

* * *

Believe it or not, I actually do have a couple of links that I bookmarked to share.

I've never had grilled cantaloupe, but I want to try it after seeing this post.

A list of the best sunscreens for you and your kids

I love the little dress that the girl in this post (also named Lila!) wore for her last day of preschool. The shirtdress she wore on her first day is really cute, too.

Selfies vs. Self-portraits.

I'm currently obsessed with these pants from Old Navy. I bought a pair a few weeks ago and they have been the most comfortable thing to finish up my pregnancy in (they are not maternity pants - I just bought one size up from my regular size and rolled the waistband under my bump).

This kid's letter from camp is hilarious.

A quick rundown of new summer reads.

I'm totally wrapped up in Orphan Black and Orange is the New Black right now. Such great shows!

And, because it was Tony week....

Why theater and the Tony Awards still matter


33 of the best Tony performances of all time


The weirdest Tony performances of all time

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Enjoy your weekend, friends!